Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Return

So THE easel never came.  Well not until THREE of them arrived a week after i'd left.  Hilarious times... here's me making do with a shitty cheap little table easel (which served me quite well.  True story) while three bloodyexpensive easels are piled into a neat little Jenga-like formation in the corner of my mother's office.  Nice work delivery company. NOT.

I was unable to log in to my journal from Peruvian computers.  Truth be told, I cant claim to have tried that hard but I tried once or twice and they say it's the sentiment that counts.  Yes they do.  Anyway, I made a tiny promise to myself - and might possibly have also pencilled down on a paper scrap somewhere that when I returned to Edinburgh, I would write a succession of blog stories about Peru and Patacancha

Here is an excerpt from my sketchbook around the time I was passing through Cuzco for the first time.
View accross the Plaza de Armas, Cuzco 5/9/11
And a photo of the Patacancha Valley, where I stayed with a family within the village.  More on this later
Patacancha Valley

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